🌿 Pilot Progress Towards a Sustainable Future with FoodPilot at CIBUS 2024! 🌿

📈 As sustainability becomes a decisive factor in consumer choices, the agri-food industry faces the challenge of adapting to environmentally conscious demands. The 2020 Coop Report highlights that 75% of Italian consumers have shifted towards healthier, more eco-friendly diets over the past two years.

🌱 FoodPilot is here to transform these challenges into growth opportunities with our cutting-edge SaaS platform, specifically designed for businesses striving towards sustainable practices.

🔍 Why Choose FoodPilot?

Comprehensive Service: Our platform seamlessly manages carbon, climate, social, and CSRD compliance.

User-Friendly Digital Platform: Designed for ease of use, with intuitive navigation to fulfil all your requirements.

Verified Data: Empower your strategic decisions with reliable data, from farm to consumer.

📅 Meet Us in Person!

We invite you to visit us in the startup area, at the entrance of Hall 7, Stand Code C 131, to discover how FoodPilot can support your company’s sustainable development.

🌍 Join the movement towards a more sustainable agri-food industry at CIBUS 2024. #Sustainability #HealthTrends #CibusParma #AgriFoodIndustry

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