100% of your sustainable transition on an all-in-one platform

Foodpilot is the only all-in-one solution for managing the decarbonization of industries, the reduction of the environmental footprint of products and the transition of business models. It takes into account all environmental, social, governance and economic impacts, based on actual and third-parties verified data.

Net zero & Decarbonization

Extra-financial & CSRD

The most comprehensive, high-performance CSR management tool on the market for players in the agricultural and agri-food sectors.

FoodPilot offers two complete and adaptable solutions to meet the specific needs of every player in the food chain.

Enable Enterprises to pilot environnemental commitments​ with specific and verified data.

Enable Organizations  (National/Regional Food Authorities) to pilot climate strategy at a large scale​


2022, At national level

France 2030 « Sustainable and healthy food » acceleration strategy » with its innovation of Semi-Specific Questionnaire & « ERP of the transition »

2023, At regional level (Occitanie)

for a research program aimed at adapting our solution to SMEs and VSEs via their accounting systems, in partnership with In Extenso.

Because the transition of the sector is an urgent and capital challenge, we surround ourselves with key partners with a leading expertise in their sectors.