Our History FoodPilot was born of a vision to sustainably transform the agri-food industries through technological innovation. Founded in 2022, our company is distinguished by its commitment to reducing the environmental footprint and decarbonizing products from farm to consumer. We are proud to have twice been recognized by the France 2030 awards for our innovative approach.

Led by passionate experts, our team is the heart of FoodPilot. Each member brings unique expertise from a variety of professional backgrounds, enriching our ability to innovate and respond to today’s environmental challenges. Our leaders, such as our CEO and specialized directors, have in-depth experience in the agri-agri-viti sector as well as in the technological field, guaranteeing exceptional vision and execution of our solutions.

At FoodPilot, our mission is to provide an all-in-one solution that facilitates the sustainable transition of companies in the agri-food sector. We use real, verified data to ensure an accurate and reliable approach, enabling our customers to effectively manage their environmental and social commitments.

We collaborate with a network of scientific and technical partners dedicated to food sustainability, affirming our commitment to a greener future. Our solutions are designed to be fully adaptable to the specific needs of each player in the food chain, guaranteeing sustainable, measurable performance.


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