Since January 1, 2024, the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) requires companies to communicate on their CSR issues.

FoodPilot facilitates your CSRD compliance by enabling you to.

Harmonized reporting: document your CSR actions and performance according to CSRD standards.

Effective communication: Pass on relevant information to your stakeholders and the general public.

Regulatory Watch: Keep abreast of the latest legislative developments to ensure ongoing compliance.

Science-based targets have become the benchmark for companies wishing to reduce their carbon footprint credibly and effectively.

FoodPilot guides you in setting, monitoring and achieving your climate goals.

Setting Ambitious Objectives: Define GHG reduction targets in line with the Paris agreements.

Data Integration: Collect accurate data for reliable tracking of your progress.

Clear Reporting: Generate detailed reports to communicate your progress towards SBTi targets.

Find out in this excerpt from the Live Café hosted by Marie Gaborit, founder of TOOVALU, and Didier Livio, co-founder of Food Pilot.