« If we analyse the life cycle of a yoghurt, there is data on around 600 practices, from cow farming to packaging recycling. We focus on around twenty sets of data, which account for 80% of the impact. The rest of the information is reconstructed from generic databases, giving a result that is remarkably close to a full analysis… and much easier to obtain.« 

Sandrine Blanchemanche
Chief Scientific Officer ・ Foodpilot


The Foodpilot system has been designed by a team of food industry engineers, using a collegiate approach, with one major idea in mind: to gather the most complete and accurate data to manage the transition – while reducing collection costs.

Semi-specific system

Food Pilot’s semi-specific system is a simplified means of identifying relevant data, collecting and analysing it, with the aim of assessing the impact of a product or process.  


A collegiate approach in consultation with scientific teams and technical institutes, searchers, volunteer industrialists and professional federations. Validated by authorities and government.

Take advantage of the semi-specific system to collect the data that have the greatest impact on your agricultural, livestock and industrial practices, in order to steer your CSR strategy.

Because the transition of the sector is an urgent and capital challenge, we surround ourselves with key partners with a leading expertise in their sectors.