The Foodpilot system has been designed by a team of food industry engineers, using a collegiate approach, with one major idea in mind: to gather the most complete and accurate data to manage the transition – while reducing collection costs.

Semi-specific system

Food Pilot’s semi-specific system is a simplified means of identifying relevant data, collecting and analysing it, with the aim of assessing the impact of a product or process.  


A collegiate approach in consultation with scientific teams and technical institutes, searchers, volunteer industrialists and professional federations. Validated by authorities and government.

« If we analyse the life cycle of a yoghurt, there is data on around 600 practices, from cow farming to packaging recycling. We focus on around twenty sets of data, which account for 80% of the impact. The rest of the information is reconstructed from generic databases, giving a result that is remarkably close to a full analysis… and much easier to obtain.« 

Sandrine Blanchemanche
Chief Scientific Officer ・ Foodpilot

  • Select the most relevant data for a given product or process
  • Write the data collection questions and finalises the calculations
  • Test and improve the questionnaires with pilot companies
  • Validate the method with a scientific and technical committee appointed by Ademe [the French Environmental Agency].
  • Publish the validated reference questionnaire as open source.
  • Continuously improve its method along scientific and technical advances.