Key features for a full CSR platform, entirely customizable and in your brand’s colors !

Foodpilot is much more than just a tool, it’s the co-pilot of your CSR strategy, designed to support every key function in your company.

Executive & CSR Dep.

Define and manage your sustainable development strategy with a global vision.

Track the progress of your objectives and measure the impact of your actions.

Make informed decisions thanks to reliable, transparent data.

Purchasing Department

Manage your supplier and farmer contracts and progress plans centrally

Support your suppliers in their continuous improvement process.

Promote your suppliers’ sustainable approaches to your customers.

Finance Department

Manage sustainability incentives in line with CSR objectives.

Prepare for the publication of the CSRD with peace of mind.

Optimize your economic performance through better resource management.

Research Department

Develop eco-designed products that meet consumer expectations.

Innovate in sustainability to stand out from the competition.

Reduce the environmental footprint of your products throughout their life cycle.

Marketing Department

Promote your CSR commitments to your customers and partners.

Communicate transparently and effectively on your sustainable actions.

Strengthen your brand image and market appeal.

  • 12 powerful features to meet all your CSR needs.
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use platform for fast learning.
  • Reliable, transparent data for better decision-making.
  • Personalized support from our experts to ensure optimum success.

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